List of Credits

2015 – 2020 Writing

Available now

My poem “NEW DAY” is published by Polar Borealis Magazine, Issue #13, Jan 2020.

You can get the magazine as a free pdf download at

cover of PB13 featuring art by Lily Blaze
Cover Art by by Lily Blaze

My story ABSINTHE KIND has just been published by Polar Borealis Magazine, Issue #12 Dec 2019.

Free pdf download at

With Cover Art by Gareth McGorman

November 2019

My story WRASSE has just been published by Neo-opsis Magazine

Link to the issue information is

This issue contains stories by several writers including my friend Craig. I’m looking forward to reading it.

You can buy a copy or get a subscription at

cover of Neo-Opsis #30 Nov 2019

undefined“The Pleiades Cat” story appears in Polar Borealis

To download, go to PolarBorealis and navigate to POLAR BOREALIS #10 May 2019. Artwork Cover: Michael D. Jackson

Sale News

My story “Absinthe Kind” and my poem “New Day” have been sold to Polar Borealis! Will appear in 2019 sometime!

To download “Law of Love” my poem in Polar Borealis #9. Go to PolarBorealis and navigate to POLAR BOREALIS #9 March 2019.

Great Cover art Airship #1 by Akers

Pleiades Cat Reprint

Very happy to announce that my story “The Pleiades Cat” has been accepted for publication by Polar Borealis Magazine! It’s a reprint, originally appearing in On Spec in the 1990s and I’m pleased to see it get a new home! Expected publication date is June 2019.

To see information about my Film Gals Romance Series, see Film Gals – Cat Dailies site.

Note: It is now available on Amazon as well as the other sites listed!

Also, for where to buy, see the universal book buyer link.

cover PolarBorealis 6 2018 w Forgiveness

“Forgiveness ” (poem) & “Dangerous gods” (poem) accepted by R. Graeme Cameron for Polar Borealis #6 and #7, to appear in 2018.

“Night Market” accepted by The Vancouver Sci-Fi Anthology! September 2017 and published November 2017. So pleased to be in this upcoming book to be published by Reality Skimming Press. See Amazon sale page for buying information.

book cover

Two of my poems are in Tesseracts 20: Compostela. 

Poems: Ancient tech and Card.

It will become an Amazon EXCLUSIVE (only available for KINDLE devices and apps.) on June 5 thru Sept. 3, 2017

It will then become available for KOBO, NOOK, i-BOOKS, google PLAY and for other devices and apps on September 4th.

The print edition officially becomes available in Canada on September 11; and in the US on October 9, 2017.

Writers of the Future Honorable Mentions

Just received both of my lovely certificates from WOTF for ‘Teacup’ aka ‘The Cup’ and ‘Steamer Plane’.

My short story “The Cup” appears  in Polar Borealis Magazine!

POLAR BOREALIS Magazine #2 is finally published and available for free download to anyone who wants to read it.

Just go to and click on “Current/Back Issues” in the header, then scroll a short distance down to the link.

Also, big news for me – I will have 2 poems included in the Tesseracts 20 book to be published by Edges press in 2017. Edited by Spider Robinson and James Alan Gardner, Tesseracts 20 is part of a very prestigious Canadian sf/f anthology series.

About Tesseracts 20

WOTF Quarter 1 – 2016 Awards!Honorable Mention Winner for my story “Teacup” subsequently published as “The Cup”!


Quarter 3, 2015 – Writers of the Future, Honorable Mention winner for my story “Steamer Plane”.

HONORABLE MENTION certificate absinthe kind

Quarter 4, 2015 – Writers of the Future, Honorable Mention winner for my story “Absinthe Kind”. 


 TV Writing

TRUE PULP MURDER – Story Consultant 13 eps. &  Writer -3


 COMMANDER’S LOG – Ep. 5 & 6 Doc & Boom

 THE COLLECTOR II – Ep. II-02: Ufologist

 JUST CAUSE – Ep. I-14: Dream House 

 BAND ON THE RUN  – 2 eps. Glam Band & Birdland                                       

 SCI SQUAD CADET – 2 episodes Grade 4

 BILLY THE CAT  – 1 episode Eau de Junkyard

CYBERSIX  – 1 episode Terra

ESPRESSO – 1 radio drama Vanishing Point 

Some of the above credits are listed on

Selected Plays

LONE SHARK, Edmonton Fringe also published in Spintrian, University of Regina, Issues 4&5

DEAD SLOW, Edmonton Fringe, co-writer Tom Crighton.


RHEA, M.F.A. Thesis play, Northern Lights Theatre workshop.

Selected Stories and Poems

  • CARD, Tesseracts 20 Compostela 2017.
  • ANCIENT TECH, Tesseracts 20 Compostela 2017.
  • FATA MORGANA, (poem) On Spec Sum 1994
  • NODE TO NODE, (poem) On Spec Fall 1990
  • THE PLEIADES CAT, (story) On Spec Win 1992
  • WINDY AND 35 BELOW, The Anthology 1992 Stroll of Poets, Edmonton
  • NEW LOVE, edges anthology 1990s, Edmonton
  • VERY LATE THAT NIGHT, edges anthology 1990s, Edmonton
  • DAHLIA LADY, edges anthology 1990s, Edmonton
  • YOU FOLLOW, edges anthology 1990s, Edmonton
  • DUEL, edges anthology 1990s, Edmonton
  • WALKING ACROSS, edges anthology 1990s, Edmonton
  • MESSAGE FROM A GODMOTHER, espresso publishing, 1989, 1990, Edmonton
  • ANTI-LOVE POEM, espresso publishing, 1989, Edmonton
  • CELLS, Antigonish Review, 1985
  • EVENING FRESH, Antigonish Review, 1985
  • LIKE RENAISSANCE ITALIANS, Wascana Review, 1983
  • PRAIRIE SONG, CHEZ FM RADIO, Ottawa, broadcast 1983

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