Film Gals Novel Available

“They Met On Set” by Cat Dailies

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I’m pleased to announce that my romance novel “They Met On Set” has been published by Film Gals Series  using Draft2Digital’s lovely platform.

To find where you can buy this Cat Dailies novel click this universal link:
UBL: They Met On Set – a Film Gals Series Romance Novel

This was partly an experiment to see if I could self-publish using the newest tech.  I do love so far. It has a great dashboard so that you can see where and when you’re being published. It also has the ‘number of books sold’ area which is fun to watch.


Blog – Cat Dailies


Here’s the second story: Raven Rattle

It’s interesting to revisit old stories. Parsec Magazine (Cdn, out of Sudbury, Ont) published Raven Rattle in 1997-1998. It is very much influenced by Haida and Musqueam art.

One of my strangest findings is that there is at least one story I don’t know if I have any copies of! It was published as part of a con program book. But maybe I’ll find it.

How I envy those who don’t have to move all the time!

I decided to try Wattpad at the suggestion of Jessica.  Her friends use it all the time.

It’s a great forum for older stories that have been published, and the copyright returned to me. No new SF publication wants “previously published stories”, yet no one can read them unless they have access to my paper files.

So, here’s the first one:

Park Earth

It was published a long time ago and only existed in paper form until yesterday.

It’s not a huge project, but I do want to store my published SF stories online somewhere for others to read and as an archive.

pochylko family pictures 115.JPG
Copyright Bill Pochylko, 2018.

This was Dad’s tractor in the 1960s with his self-built cab. The kids are, myself and my sister Anne in front of it in our yard surrounded by trees.

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