Garden Variety Aliens

February 12, 2022

This month #GVA made it to #4 on the Fantasy Television (Half-Hour) RED LIST

So pleased that #GVA is moving up The Red List

January 2022
gva on red list also won quarter finalist Pitchnow competition

a Quarter-Finalist placement in the PitchNow Screenplay Competition, means GVA is now on the RED LIST!

See Coverfly


Garden Variety Aliens

(SF–tween animated series):

A girl’s coming-of-age story set in Vancouver with aliens, boys, and a wedding. Sixteen-year-old Kate’s problems this summer are: getting a step-mother she hates, losing her best guy friend, and managing a landscaping job that isn’t about gardening. She gets a mysterious job for “The Gardener”, talking to aliens who accidentally portaled here from their own worlds. This is her calling, and she’s so-o-o- not ready.

Pilot script and mini-bible available.

Garden Variety Aliens

“Award winning writer and new team!”