Garden Variety Aliens

Update October 21, 2020

Garden Variety Aliens


Garden Variety Aliens

(feature SF–teen movie):

A girl’s coming-of-age story set in Vancouver with aliens, boys, and a wedding. Sixteen-year-old Kate’s problems this summer are: getting a step-mother she hates, losing her best guy friend, and managing a landscaping job that isn’t about gardening. She gets a mysterious job for “The Gardener”, talking to aliens who accidentally portaled here from their own worlds. This is her calling, and she’s so-o-o- not ready.

Pitched to Netflix Canada Submissions 2020.

Still in the running, week 3!

Netflix started to send out rejections and acceptances October 4th, so I’m crossing my fingers and toes here!

It would be terrific to get a pitch meeting.

Treatment available.

Also, this project could be the pilot for a tv series.

Garden Variety Aliens

“Award winning writer and new team!”