November 27, 2022

I’ve been thinking again about issuing a small book of my previously published short stories and poems. It would be more or less a labour of love because I doubt that it would sell widely. However, a lot of my friends have shown interest in it.

If nothing else, as a testament to small magazines that featured work over the years. I challenge anyone, for example to find issues of that Sudbury, Ontario SF magazine that I had two short stories in during the 1990s. Don’t know whether I will or not. It could be a fun project to get me into the big world of Amazon and how to do a future novel or series.

November 20, 2022

A beautiful Autumn day today. Took a walk to a local coffee shop and sat down with the notion that I’d create a new story. The beauty of settling down somewhere outside my house is the lack of distractions. I did create the story idea, so the trip was a success. I must now write it up. Then there are the revisions, but to get the whole idea is a win.

November 2022

As the weather gets worse, and the garden is done for the year, I’m devoting more time to my creative writing.

I’m also cutting down my social media – to one twitter not three and trying Mastodon, which is super new.

On Mastodon – as or

Now that my friend, the heart patient, has moved back to his home, I know my concentration and certainly my time for writing will improve. I’m not committed to NaNoWriMo this year either because I’m getting over my first post-Covid cold, which was a bad one.

Wordos has been great – I’ve written two flash stories directly due to their quarterly challenge. I’ve also gotten terrific feedback on other stories that I can use to get them into great shape.

Writing Life

It’s hard to get time to write, but it’s also hard not to write 🙂 because I have so many ideas and projects to work on.

Currently, I’m working on an idea for our Wordos Halloween party – we each write a flash fiction piece and read it out during the meeting.

It’s fun and a challenge. Much of writing is puzzle-solving, I find, although I do love using language, creating metaphors, etc.

For this challenge, we get 1000 words and three prompts, one of which or all of which we can use.

My story is going to be called “Shambolic Manor”… and more on that once it’s done!

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Writing for TV & Film – For Apex

Writing for TV & Film presentation covers for APEX Writers Group 2022

I just finished two Saturdays of presentations for the APEX writers group. This is a great group of mostly science fiction and fantasy writers who are trying to learn to be better at what we do. I’ve met a lot of new friends in SFF who are, like me, interested in getting better at their creative writing.

My presentations were on Writing for Film and TV. The first one was about the field in general, answering a lot of questions about ‘who’s who’ and what ‘pitching’ is. The second presentation was on how to turn a short story into a script.

For those interested in being part of APEX, you find them at Originated by David Farland, an award-winning writer of fantasy and science fiction, the group continues on after his passing, providing encouragement, motivation and learning opportunities for members.

Finalist WOTF #39 Quarter 1 2022

WOTF #39 Quarter 1 2022 finalist win

So pleased to announce that I am a Finalist for the Writers of the Future, Vol 39, Quarter 1, 2022 competition!

It’s the highest level I’ve achieved, and means I was in the top 8 for this quarter.

–> WOTF blog

“Rachel’s Vacation” Sale!

So Synthetic Reality has crashed and burned. This means my short story, “Rachel’s Vacation” has NOT been sold! I was awaiting a contract for months from a newish SFF USA magazine headquartered in California, called “Synthetic Reality”, sad to say the magazine has disappeared.

“Rachel’s Vacation”

January 2022


It’s been an eventful month here! On the positive side, I’ve gained a sale to Neo-opsis. Then I had a win for “Garden Variety Aliens” on PitchNow Screenwriting Competition and it gained a coveted spot on Coverfly’s Redlist! In 2021, I also won another WOTF #9 for me, for “Daze” my film industry portal to hell story!

Sad News

I’m also grieving with the rest of the APEX writers group due to the death of our leader, Dave Wolverton / Farland January 14, 2022. He was a wonderful example of what a great writing teacher can accomplish. He was also a well known fantasy and science fiction author whose work I love to read. I didn’t know him personally, unlike many in APEX who had worked with him a lot over the years, but I benefited from his compassionate devotion to excellence in all he did. A great father and husband, his obituary is available at the funeral home site.

It’s a difficult time for those of us who were members of #APEX WritingCommunity His memory is a blessing. He was kind, encouraging, and full of writing wisdom. As a primarily scriptwriter, you’d think he would not have good advice for me, but his writing courses are stellar and useful in whatever format you write in. Also, his inclusiveness was wonderful for all who wanted to write.