Novel progress

February 10, 2018

Hit 85,000 words!

February 8, 2018

Novel is at 84536 words now. I’m feeling like if I tackle it a scene at a time it works within my very tight schedule.

Writing at coffee shop

February 3, 2018

Novel is at 83540 words now. A slow slog due to day job requiring lots of overtime. I do enjoy my Saturday writing time, thanks to NaNoWriMo group!

January 14, 2018

The novel is at 82000 words now! At this stage I’m producing rough chapters of 7000 to 9000 words. I may look at creating more chapter breaks in draft two.

November 7, 2017

I finally broke the 80,000 word mark today!  I realize it won’t be as small a book as I thought. It’ll be probably  a one hundred thousand word item. But there will be editing going on before anyone else sees it.

NaNoWriMo has been good for me this year. Even though yesterday my work consisted of  cutting a story by a 1000 words. That too is part of writing.  Good editing skills are vital.

My Halloween and VCON collage

November 3, 2017

Up to 78026 words! I feel like I’m accomplishing a lot because I’m tying together the disparate plots of the novel, heading towards the ‘END’!

My beautiful picture
Grade 5 Mrs. Doak’s class Canadian history play – I researched and wrote a lot of.  Probably where I got hooked on drama. That little girl on stage is me, in a long dress and one of Mum’s dressing gowns pretending to be a pioneer. My Dad made the plywood province cutouts!

October 20, 2017

Up to 76,000 words! Which is up about 2.4k words. That’s great for only 9 days work  in-between ‘life as we live it’. I’ve finished a chapter. Still think I need at least 3 large chapters to get to 100k words and The End.

I’m really motivated this season by the Angry Robot open call.

I aim for this open call, but I also realize the novel may not be ready for a submission in December, particularly because my experience with short stories is that in order to ‘land’ as my screenwriter friends would say, the stories have had to be rewritten numerous times.

Also,  I made the newbie mistake of rewriting as I progressed, so it is an odd mix of ‘done and toasted’ versus ‘half-baked’.  I’ll have to smooth that out and have it feel ‘done’ everywhere.  I honestly lost two of my characters, in a taxi at the end of a Chapter and as far as anyone knew, they were circling the city for the next 20,000 words! I have fixed that particular boo-boo, but I’m certain there are a lot more! But these are editing problems, which I’ll get to once I see The End.



October 11, 2017

Some progress has been made! At last!  I’m at 73618 words which means I’m cutting and writing at the same time.

I have about 4 large chapters to do until I reach The Endthe first time. That’s key because you can’t rewrite until you’ve written the first time.

I made a list and have some ideas of how I will work through to the end. I’m hoping to be able to get there by Dec 1 this year!

Once again, there is an open call by Angry Robot one of the leading smaller SF/F publishers. It ends Dec 31, 2017! So one must have a full novel done and proofread by then! Plus corporate job and very busy home life.

Angry Robot Books open door period for novels!

Below is Ollie, my friend’s dog celebrating Halloween!


July 20, 2017

Novel now at 75,500 words. Due to busy corporate job & VCC teaching, I haven’t been able to take days off for creative work.

I’m pleased to have found a tool on the NaNoWriMo pages for writing sprints. I put in 30 minutes and I finish with a few pages done. It’s added words!

Night shot of Nat Bailey Stadium – our annual baseball game – saw the Canadians & loved it! So summer in the city…

May 30, 2017 Clarion West

I signed up for Clarion West write-a-thon again this year. It’s a great way to encourage yourself to finish something.

To support Clarion and my writing sprint, go to:

ClarionWest Write-a-thon
Then search for my page.

-Am writing this while awaiting dance preview show rehearsal at JCC, Vancouver.

The crazy owl is painted on the side of child’s High School.

May 2017 Victoria Day weekend  in Whistler BC

Dance competition here & so I am too.

Gonna work, swim, walk and watch dances. I have some unscheduled time that will be ‘writing’ time. It would be nice to get back into the novel, but I’ve also get a couple of scripts partway done and some short stories to rewrite. The novel is officially at 70k ish but stalled due to time constraints mostly. I need a week to concentrate on getting the ending figured out, then writing it won’t be so impossible.

Got a lovely rejection letter from Hy Bender at Ghosts On Drugs ( an anthology). It made me realize I need to focus when I can on creative work.

Also have a course to prep for VCC on tech writing (manuals) which is new for me. Teaching is great but the prep time is long.

November 2016 NaNoWriMo

I’m starting a month of NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month!

I’m RussetCat there – if any  readers want to ‘buddy-up’.

I probably will not get 50,000 words done, my aim is to finish with 10-25 k words accomplished. I’ve always been able to generate first drafts, it’s the polishing I need to work on.

My idea  is to inspire myself to do my work more often, and to finish some projects. Obviously, the first is Azurite the novel! It’s at 71000 words now I’m having a lot of trouble passing the 75% mark in terms of even the first draft.

May 2016

I’ve just signed up for the Clarion West write-a-thon! It goes June 19 to August 29th 2016.  Again, my goal is to finish the novel – first draft – to get past that 60% mark!

@clarionwest, @MCG_Writer

I’ll report on my progress there on my member page.

My beautiful picture
Our pony  Brownie copyright Bill Pochylko collection

April 2016

Sigh. No work to report but secured another Beta  reader!

I feel like if I could get it done, I could either sell it or move to novel 2.
December 14, 2015

No time due to busy corporate job and life in general for the last couple of weeks! But am planning on taking a few days near Christmas to work through. I feel like I have ONLY about 10 or 11 thousand words to get to a ‘first draft’ stage.

Bill Pochylko collection, Stettler Alberta in the fifties
Cool cars on Main Street, from the Bill Pochylko collection, Stettler Alberta in the fifties

November 19, 2015

At 69439

It’s difficult to get to the end.  I’ve been very busy this month, but  am making headway.

August 26, 2015

At 66301 words

Feeling my way towards the ending – at least of the first draft!  Although I do loop around during writing, revising as I go, I think I’ll need a real second draft for this one.


April 17, 2015

The novel has been stalled for a while, sadly.  I did do a tv spec script for a new show: Schitt’s Creek on the CBC.  I rewrote an older screenplay: Points of Attraction.  I worked on improving several of the short stories that I am submitting to markets. So, I haven’t been entirely lazy.  This also combined with heavy workload at corporate job. Plus child-raising a dance kid.

One of my new goals this year is to try and get an agent again. It is counterintuitive that I wasn’t looking for a new agent since the last one and I parted company.  However, I just wasn’t in a place where I could generate the scripts needed to keep up in TV. Now, I feel like I am there.  I’ve got some good plans for more scripts in the coming year.

I still want to finish Azurite, the novel.  It’s got one last long push to get to the end of draft one, for sure. Then there’s rewriting and so forth.

February 4, 2015
A new year and just passed my personal deadline for draft one of novel.
Lots of things delayed my work, some good, some not.
I’m determined to find my focus again. Short stories were fun, but I haven’t got much free writing time. If I do a story (and I did 4 lately) then I have less time to write on the novel.

December 20, 2014
Got to 66,000 words! Now I’m looking at it as 14,000 to my finished raw draft. Then, at 80 k or so, I go back and do a massive rewrite, to make certain I have a coherent narrative that works as entertainment!
My initial hope was January 2015 and I might make it to the 80 by then, if I don’t get distracted.

November 30, 2014

Novel: 63071 words
NaNoWriMo: 14038 words

Next push is to finish first draft of novel.  Might take some extra days off in December to work on it.  Might not. I have a very busy corporate day job, too.

November 21, 2014

I’m another few hundred words along. Some nice character stuff is happening now.

November 20, 2014
NaNoWriMo 11866 words – not all novel, some short story work, too.
Novel at 62,800. Progress but not at 80 k yet!
I don’t know if I’ll be ready to stop and rewrite at 80,000 words. It was just an arbitrary number picked because it’s like the shortest novel manuscript that most SF publishers consider ( excepting YA).

November 11
Got 7400 words done as part of NaNoWriMo so far.
Finished the Night Market story & submitted it. That was 6000 words.
Got back into Azurite got the rest.

November 1
Started Nanowrimo to try to get back into novel.

October 29
Submitted new 6000 word story (not part of novel) to short story market.
Am 1700 words into another story.

September 24

September 10
56800 – slow but am back at work.

September 2, 2014
Got to 56100 words during week off work. Huzzah!

August 15, 2014
Another Friday off corporate job. Novel going well.

August 4, 2014
45,100 words. So I am progressing. The best thing is that I’ve mapped it out better. My exercise in planning did work. While I can riff off a scene pretty easily, it’s harder for me to do the ‘connect all the dots’ exercise.
This month I’m taking Fridays off my corporate job, to spend time with child and to get more of the novel done.
I’ve had a very busy year so far, and a little less ‘day job’ focus should help my creative work.

Summer always difficult for writing.

July 7, 2014
No progress. Sigh.
Am up to 52 laps of pool though.

June 21, 2014
Have progressed.
Read it all.
Wrote down scene-by-scene notes.
Then did a tv trick- you put ALL remaining plot on 1 page of a scribbler. Some people use a legal pad.
This shows you, as the lost writer, a plausible roadmap to the end.


20140621-154749-56869508.jpg20140614-133206.jpgJune 14 2014
Word count – morning 41349
Going to step back from stream of consciousness as a writing method & apply some of the old techniques from tv writing.
These are:
1. Index cards – physical ones – the app ones don’t work for me yet.
2. Paper Notebook and colored pens for plot paths.
3. Latte.

June 4 2014
Nothing done since April except lost a scene somehow upon moving text back and forth from iPad to hp laptop. Not the fault of the tech😞 .<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

20140609-152315.jpg A Kate Spade display in Holt Renfrew last week – reminders to write are everywhere 🙂

20140609-152458.jpg< a href=””&gt;20140621-154748-56868603.jpg<<<<<<<

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