Lights, Camera, Paranormal Action!

Lights, Camera, Paranormal Action
Banner for Lights, Camera, Paranormal Action! my Movie Pitch 2020

Lights, Camera, Paranormal Action! is my Women In Film and Television Vancouver (WIFTV) From the DarkSide competition winning pitch. In March, 2020, I attended the week-long festival and workshop here in Vancouver.

Subsequently, while working at my dayjob, I wrote the script. Lights, Camera, Paranormal Action! is now a full-length movie script of 105 pages. I’ve had commentary from the story editor provided to me by the competition and am working on another draft before the 25th of July, 2020.

My current logline: A failed actress and a Viking ghost solve paranormal mysteries on Vancouver film sets. It’s a full length comic paranormal movie.

I’m getting ready to present this pitch at the Frontieres Film market this July. The market is now fully online which means we didn’t (sadly) get to visit Montreal this year. But I am currently working on my social media plus checking out the list of attendees. I need to figure out who would be a ‘good fit’ for the project and request a meeting with them. The festival is using a MarComm system so it’s all online. I’m happy enough with this but it would have been terrific to see Montreal again! Also, my assistant producer is Jessica who although fully bilingual has never visited Quebec and we were hoping for that to happen. Maybe we’ll attend another year when travel is possible.

Movie Poster

We’re also working on a graphic for the presentation, which I will unveil just before Frontieres here online. It takes some time to develop a really interesting image that encompasses the story. I’m not worried though because I have the tremendous and generous talents of Kelman Design and Glen Schroeder working on the “movie poster” (but sized for Zoom) graphic. I’m really excited about it! Once it’s done, I’ll be ordering all sorts of swag with the image on them!

See About Cat Girczyc to learn more about my screenwriting background.

Lights, Camera, Paranormal Action!
Lights Camera Paranormal Action