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Short Stories and Poems

Fata Morgan 2023

So pleased to hear that Polar Borealis is publishing my poem “Fata Morgana” in Feb 2023, issue #24.

Photo by Nikhita Singhal on Unsplash

2022 Quarter 3 WOTF Honorable Mention

I won a 2022 Quarter 3 WOTF Honorable Mention for my story ‘The Good Winds’ a portal fantasy with an Edmonton Alberta setting. it wasn’t my best result but all HMs are appreciated! I have no idea who will publish it. This story features the faux waterfall / art installation that was on the High Level Bridge and my Bonnie Doon neighborhood of the early 90s.

Photo Credit: Raúl Cacho Oses

May 2022 FINALIST WOTF Q1 – The Lady M

My fabulous WOTF result Quarter 1 2022! My story ‘The Lady M’ made it into the Top 8! It’s not awarded, nor am I going to the Gala week for the winners, however there is a chance that it makes it into the annual anthology if I get lucky, which would be a huge boon to my creative career.

Photo by Elisa Stone on Unsplash

neo-opsis science fiction magazine

New Tudors is out!

Get your copy at

Sweet Morning Fog poem published by Polar Borealis #21 May 2022

I missing logging this one due to going to Banff World Media Festival in May 2022 when it came out. But was pleasantly reminded because it’s on the Aurora Nominations long list!

image: Cover – Lady Starlight – by Michael D. Jackson

to March 2022

Rachel’s Vacation

Sold! Nope! still available!

was to appear in “Synthetic Reality” in mid-2022 but the magazine went down.

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on

WOTF WIN #8 and #9 – More wonderful Writers of the Future competition news.

portal image by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash
I won a Silver Honorable Mention for my story “Daze” that chronicles what happens when a portal to the underworld that opens on a film set.

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

i won an Honorable Mention for my story “New Tudors” which has gone on to sell to Neo-opsis in 2022!

Photo by Tom Podmore on Unsplash

JUNE 26, 2021

WOTF WIN #7 – I moved up a notch in the Writers of the Future competition. I won a Silver Honorable Mention for my story “Rachel’s Vacation”. They sent me a lovely certificate and am awaiting the online badge.

April 28, 2021

WOTF WIN #6 – I got another Writers of the Future Honorable Mention for the 2021 Q1 contest for my story “Some Thing”.

March 2021 – I just sold two more poems!

More information later on when I have the cover and details to post!

Available now

This is Cat Girczyc’s bibliography covering publications from 2015 on. Also, below this are historical credits.

Stellar Evolutions 2 poems published Cat Girczyc Bibliography
Stellar Evolutions

October 2020 Stellar Evolutions is published and available on for kindle.

Also as a print book if you like on

2020 Awards

Fantastic to get another of these awards! Hoping to crack the top level and win the contest!

My story “La bella ragazza” won a WOTF Honorable Mention for Quarter 4, 2020!

Wonderful news! My story “Tail Creek” won a WOTF Honorable Mention for Quarter 2, 2020!

2020 Poems
cover of PB13 featuring art by Lily Blaze from the credit list of Cat Girczyc
Cover Art by by Lily Blaze

My poem “A NEW DAY” is published by Polar Borealis Magazine, Issue #13, Jan 2020.

You can get the magazine as a free pdf download at

2019 Publications
Polar Borealis cover by Gareth McGorman on the credit list of Cat Girczyc publications from 2015 on.
With Cover Art by Gareth McGorman

My story ABSINTHE KIND has just been published by Polar Borealis Magazine, Issue #12 Dec 2019.

Free pdf download at

November 2019

My story WRASSE has just been published by Neo-opsis Magazine. Link to the issue information is

This issue contains stories by several writers including my friend Craig. I’m looking forward to reading it. You can buy a copy or get a subscription at

cover of Neo-Opsis #30 Nov 2019 by Karl and Stephanie Johanson  Cat Girczyc's Bibliography
Pleiades Cat Reprint
Polar Borealis #10 Cover Michael D. Jackson poem cat girczyc
Cover by Michael D. Jackson

Very happy to announce that my story “The Pleiades Cat” in Polar Borealis Magazine! It’s a reprint, originally appearing in On Spec in the 1990s and I’m pleased to see it get a new home! It was the first short story I ever had published, so it’s special to me. Interestingly, I’d sold radio drama, had plays produced and had screenplays written before I turned to short stories.

“The Pleiades Cat” story (a reprint) appears in Polar Borealis #10, May 2019. To download, go to PolarBorealis and navigate to POLAR BOREALIS #10 May 2019.

Poem in Polar Borealis #6
Polar Borealis #9 Law of Love by Cat Girczyc c over by Aker
Cover by Akers

To download “Law of Love” my poem in Polar Borealis #9, go to Polar Borealis and navigate to POLAR BOREALIS #9 March 2019.

Great Cover art Airship #1 by Akers

Poem in Polar Borealis #6
Polar Borealis #6 art by Jean-Pierre Normand poem by cat girczyc
Cover by Jean-Pierre Normand

“Forgiveness ” (poem) in Polar Borealis #6 2018.

Poem in Polar Borealis #8
Polar Borealis #8 Dangerous Gods by Cat Girczyc
Cover by Lily Author

“Dangerous gods” (poem) in Issue #8 of Polar Borealis, Dec 2018

story in the vancouver sci-fi anthology

Night Market” accepted by The Vancouver Sci-Fi Anthology! September 2017 and published November 2017.

book cover Vancouver Sci-Fi Anthology featuring art by Elisha Betts from Cat Girczyc's Bibliography
Vancouver Sci-Fi Anthology

So pleased to be in this book to be published by Reality Skimming Press. See Amazon sale page for buying information.

Poems in tesseracts #20 compostela

My poems are in Tesseracts 20: Compostela are Ancient tech and Card.

EDGES SF publication Compostela Tesseracts Twenty edited by Spider Robinson and James Alan Gardner  from the credit list of Cat Girczyc Cat Girczyc's Bibliography

An Amazon EXCLUSIVE (only available for KINDLE devices and apps.) June 5 thru Sept. 3, 2017

It will then become available for KOBO, NOOK, i-BOOKS, google PLAY and for other devices and apps on September 4th.

The print edition officially becomes available in Canada on September 11; and in the US on October 9, 2017.

writers of the future wins!
Writers of the Future WOTF Honorable Mention certificates from Cat Girczyc's Bibliography
Writers of the Future Honorable Mentions

story in polar borealis #2

My short story “The Cup” appears  in Polar Borealis Magazine!

Polar Borealis #2 cover by Eric Chu publication of The Cup by Cat Girczyc
Cover by Eric Chu

POLAR BOREALIS Magazine #2 is finally published and available for free download to anyone who wants to read it.

Just go to and click on “Current/Back Issues” in the header, then scroll a short distance down to the link.

Also, big news for me – I will have 2 poems included in the Tesseracts 20 book to be published by Edges press in 2017. Edited by Spider Robinson and James Alan Gardner, Tesseracts 20 is part of a very prestigious Canadian sf/f anthology series.

About Tesseracts 20

writers of the future wins!
Quarter 1 – 2016 Award! Writers of the Future
Honorable Mention Winner for my story “Teacup” subsequently published as “The Cup”!
HONORABLE MENTION WOTF  Badge from the credit list of Cat Girczyc

Quarter 3, 2015 – Writers of the Future, Honorable Mention winner for my story “Steamer Plane”.
HONORABLE MENTION certificate absinthe kind
HONORABLE MENTION WOTF  Badge and first Certificate for Absinthe Kind from the credit list of Cat Girczyc
Quarter 4, 2015 – Writers of the Future, Honorable Mention winner for my story “Absinthe Kind”. 

Catherine at brunch  from Cat Girczyc's Bibliography
At a meal with friends

 Cat Girczyc’s Bibliography ~ TV Writing

TRUE PULP MURDER – Story Consultant 13 eps. &  Writer -3


 COMMANDER’S LOG – Ep. 5 & 6 Doc & Boom

 THE COLLECTOR II – Ep. II-02: Ufologist

 JUST CAUSE – Ep. I-14: Dream House 

 BAND ON THE RUN  – 2 eps. Glam Band & Birdland                                       

 SCI SQUAD CADET – 2 episodes Grade 4

 BILLY THE CAT  – 1 episode Eau de Junkyard

CYBERSIX  – 1 episode Terra

ESPRESSO – 1 radio drama Vanishing Point 

Some of the above credits are listed on

Cat Girczyc’s Bibliography ~ Plays

DEAD SLOW, Edmonton Fringe Festival 1993, co-writer Tom Crighton. A “Hit of the Fringe” directed by Brian Paisley, creator of the Edmonton Fringe.

FOLDED SPACE performed at Edmonton Fringe Festival 1991 and at the ConText 91 Science Fiction Convention 1991.

LONE SHARK, Edmonton Fringe 1987 then performed at the ConText 89 Science Fiction Convention 1989 and then published in Spintrian, University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Issues 4&5.

ISLANDARY PHYSICS, University of Alberta Drama Dept., Edmonton, AB

RHEA, M.F.A. Thesis play 1988, Northern Lights Theatre workshop, Edmonton AB.

RHINESTONES, produced while in the University of Alberta, MFA program and also in the Edmonton Fringe Festival 1986.

Cat Girczyc’s Bibliography ~ Stories & Poems

  • CARD, Tesseracts 20 Compostela 2017.
  • ANCIENT TECH, Tesseracts 20 Compostela 2017.
  • FATA MORGANA, (poem) On Spec Sum 1994
  • NODE TO NODE, (poem) On Spec Fall 1990
  • THE PLEIADES CAT, (story) On Spec Win 1992
  • WINDY AND 35 BELOW, The Anthology 1992 Stroll of Poets, Edmonton
  • NEW LOVE, edges anthology 1990s, Edmonton
  • VERY LATE THAT NIGHT, edges anthology 1990s, Edmonton
  • DAHLIA LADY, edges anthology 1990s, Edmonton
  • YOU FOLLOW, edges anthology 1990s, Edmonton
  • DUEL, edges anthology 1990s, Edmonton
  • WALKING ACROSS, edges anthology 1990s, Edmonton
  • MESSAGE FROM A GODMOTHER, espresso publishing, 1989, 1990, Edmonton
  • ANTI-LOVE POEM, espresso publishing, 1989, Edmonton
  • CELLS, Antigonish Review, 1985
  • EVENING FRESH, Antigonish Review, 1985
  • LIKE RENAISSANCE ITALIANS, Wascana Review, 1983
  • PRAIRIE SONG, CHEZ FM RADIO, Ottawa, broadcast 1983

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