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Science Fiction and Fantasy Chapbooks

CIEL BOOKS a CAT SFF Imprint is a micro-publishing house designed to be used to publish my work and eventually, the work of other writers. This line is devoted to science fiction and fantasy short stories, poems, and, possibly, novels.

I’ll be publishing using Draft2Digital who offer great placement for the books. They’ll be available on at least eight platforms: Amazon, Apple, Kindle, Rakuten Kobo, Scribd, 24S, Playster and Angus & Robertson.

I particularly like their a Universal Book Link that allows one let potential readers know where you can get this book and links to the sale page on the chosen site.

Initially, I’m planning to create a small publisher on D2D to publish chapbooks containing a few short stories. Some chapbooks will be available to website subscribers as free gifts. This  science fiction & fantasy imprint might have a presence on Amazon as well as many other platforms due to D2D’s system.The micro-publishing house is in theoretical mode at the moment, i.e., it has not happened yet.

My goal is to publish couple of my own smaller chapbooks first. The very first project will be a chapbook containing several of my previously published stories which I intend to give away for free to website subscribers.  Then, I’ll create small short story or novella chapbooks regularly. These will be available for sale, but also free to subscribers.  I may also publish some poetry, it is still up in the air.

After some time, I’ll see if I  can expand scope to include other authors or create a short story anthology.


Inspiration for SPACE & TIME BOOKS a CAT SFF Imprint

I’m inspired by my friends in science fiction and outside of it to provide more great reading and more markets for science fiction and fantasy work. SPACE & TIME BOOKS will help me offer my email subscribers gifts while also providing a home for short stories both mine and by other authors.

SPACE & TIME BOOKS a CAT SFF Imprint Strategy

Initially, SPACE & TIME BOOKS a CAT SFF Imprint will publish small chapbook collections of my published works with some never before published items. Then I hope to go onto more books, novellas and anthologies of other writer’s works. I’ve had quite a few stories published and this is a new venture for me.


Today I’m concentrating on the first level work for this micro publishing house.

Let’s buy a book!

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