November 27, 2022

I’ve been thinking again about issuing a small book of my previously published short stories and poems. It would be more or less a labour of love because I doubt that it would sell widely. However, a lot of my friends have shown interest in it.

If nothing else, as a testament to small magazines that featured work over the years. I challenge anyone, for example to find issues of that Sudbury, Ontario SF magazine that I had two short stories in during the 1990s. Don’t know whether I will or not. It could be a fun project to get me into the big world of Amazon and how to do a future novel or series.

November 20, 2022

A beautiful Autumn day today. Took a walk to a local coffee shop and sat down with the notion that I’d create a new story. The beauty of settling down somewhere outside my house is the lack of distractions. I did create the story idea, so the trip was a success. I must now write it up. Then there are the revisions, but to get the whole idea is a win.

November 2022

As the weather gets worse, and the garden is done for the year, I’m devoting more time to my creative writing.

I’m also cutting down my social media – to one twitter not three and trying Mastodon, which is super new.

On Mastodon – as or

Now that my friend, the heart patient, has moved back to his home, I know my concentration and certainly my time for writing will improve. I’m not committed to NaNoWriMo this year either because I’m getting over my first post-Covid cold, which was a bad one.

Wordos has been great – I’ve written two flash stories directly due to their quarterly challenge. I’ve also gotten terrific feedback on other stories that I can use to get them into great shape.