February 2019 Year of the Pig!

Happy Chinese New Year! We are experiencing a few days of below zero cold! But the sunsets are great!

Kerrisdale Sign

Creative – Have been reading a bit more lately. I think it’s important to read within your genre as well as outside it. I find as a busy professional single mum with a child to raise, I’m already heavily scheduling time to write my creative work in. Therefore, it’s even harder to find time to keep up with reading!

It is easier because my genre is science fiction and fantasy (SFF). I do love getting free books, like the ones http://www.tor.com gives away monthly. These give me a feel of some of the best writers and novel series out there. There are real disadvantages to writing without knowledge of what else is out there.

Projects on the go:

Got an idea for a tv series yesterday… which I may write up. I’ve wanted to have a pitch ready for a full new tv series for a while. The ones I have now don’t have pilot scripts with them.

Got my first short story drafted for 2019. It’s not done yet and was helped (research-wise) by a Monty Don British gardening show I watched in the middle of the night…so that tells you it’s going to be a fantasy story.

Chinese New Year, Kerrisdale 2019
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