Cybersix back in my life

I spent about 10 hours this year on Cybersix! I was asked to do a voiceover with commentary re-watch of my #cybersix episode “Terra” for the upcoming blu-ray edition. The show was done about 25 years ago. So difficult to know what to say after that long! I honestly did not keep every scrap of paper on its evolution as a script, but I did locate and read my final (5th draft) script for the episode. I was able to note certain additions the director, storyboard and animation team added, as I compared final script with final cut of show.

I told my anecdotes about it, too. I won’t spoil those here by retelling- I hope the blu-ray Cybersix is successful! Thanks for the memories!

Cybersix and Data7 her black panther
Cybersix in her hat sleuthing

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