January 2022


It’s been an eventful month here! On the positive side, I’ve gained a sale to Neo-opsis. Then I had a win for “Garden Variety Aliens” on PitchNow Screenwriting Competition and it gained a coveted spot on Coverfly’s Redlist! In 2021, I also won another WOTF #9 for me, for “Daze” my film industry portal to hell story!

Sad News

I’m also grieving with the rest of the APEX writers group due to the death of our leader, Dave Wolverton / Farland January 14, 2022. He was a wonderful example of what a great writing teacher can accomplish. He was also a well known fantasy and science fiction author whose work I love to read. I didn’t know him personally, unlike many in APEX who had worked with him a lot over the years, but I benefited from his compassionate devotion to excellence in all he did. A great father and husband, his obituary is available at the funeral home site.

It’s a difficult time for those of us who were members of #APEX WritingCommunity His memory is a blessing. He was kind, encouraging, and full of writing wisdom. As a primarily scriptwriter, you’d think he would not have good advice for me, but his writing courses are stellar and useful in whatever format you write in. Also, his inclusiveness was wonderful for all who wanted to write.