Dec 2020 Book Launch – Stellar Evolutions

There is an online book launch for Stellar Evolutions this Monday, December 1, 2020.

It’s available to SF Canada members and others via FaceBook.

I will not post the link here as I’ve seen at least two examples of ‘zoom bombers’ and I don’t want interruptions to the event.

So pleased to be in this book! I congratulate Rhea Rose on the creation of this ‘Best of” volume as well as R. Graeme Cameron for his hard work editing and producing Polar Borealis!

November 2020 Stellar Evolutions

Stellar Evolutions is published and available on for kindle and is also available as a print book if you like on Stellar Evolutions contains two of my poems: A New Day and Law of Love. This anthology features poetry and stories in the areas of science fiction and fantasy.

About Stellar Evolutions

Stellar Evolutions cover

A particularly interesting collection because it features emerging Canadian writers, covers a broad swath of Canadian speculative fiction, and includes as much poetry as prose.” –Robert Runte–Author, editor, critic of Canadian speculative fiction.

Oh, Canada! Welcome to this world-bending collection of speculative writing Canadian style. Between these boreal covers, a compilation of must-read fantastic fiction by trending and diverse authors will take readers to the next level of story discovery.

This gathering showcases stories and poetry by many award-winning, award-nominated, yet diverse authors’ and their best works, selected exclusively from Polar Borealis Magazine, a Canadian speculative fiction publication dedicated to discovering the finest ideas in a large land of divergent narratives. folklore where sleepy felines are purrfectly unpredictable, if not damned.

May 26, 2019

Whistler trip

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks. After the balcony redo, we traveled to Whistler, BC for the Peak Invitational Dance Competition. My daughter competed and, for the first time, had her own students in the competition. It was great! She did well and we really enjoyed it.

I used the vacation as a way to de-stress. I was hoping to get further in my projects and I did, but in unusual ways.

I walked the mountain trails and thought of my father, who loved the mountains so much. It is sad he isn’t around anymore, and even sadder that his last decades split much of my remaining family up, so that we aren’t close. But walking the mountains gave me a sort of new serenity with it all, which was calming. The mountains are holy places, for certain.

I rested and hot-tubbed enough that my body felt wonderful after two days or so. Also, I walked about twice as much as I usually do! My ‘steps’ were very high! We ate well and sometimes splurged, but it was our holiday!


I brainstormed on my upcoming publication of my collection of published short stories. For my novel, I will send it to agents, but collections of published short stories are not something that traditional publishers want. My short story collection will be made up of the stories & poems I’ve sold, gathered into one ebook. I will also include a new story or novella as well.

I need a presentation format for producers who could option these stories.

Also, I want an ebook for relatives and friends who might want a collected version. Even my best friend, who has been around since the (ahem) 80s, isn’t as familiar with all my work as he wants to be.


I’m experimenting with brands, realizing from my Film Gals work, that I need a name for the collection of short stories but also, for a publisher name & logo.

It was easy with the film one but harder for short stories in science fiction and fantasy. I’ve done a couple and I think using “Cat” in the name is good. Also it has to be science fiction and fantasy focused. Plus, it should be high contrast really.

I made the following on using one of their free logo templates. I’ve done something similar on but can’t download until I pay for it. It has a different cat image.

Beta Book Publisher imprint name and logo.

So, the search for a name and logo continues. There was a series in the 1950s about a Space Cat and so this is not a good, unique name. Sigh.