Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for so much in my life, although I’ve had my ups and downs. Being widowed with a toddler is nothing I recommend, for example. However, I have a wonderful kid who is now a great dancer and a UBC student, managing a busy schedule herself.

This weekend even though my favorite SF con, V-CON is not happening, and that makes me sad, I decided to keep the two extra days off and just power through my creative work. This was a great idea because I’ve crossed the rubicon!

I’m at 100,197 Words! Absolutely fabulous progress! It’s a bit of a milestone to hit one hundred thousand words on a project.

I’ve had to accept the fact that when you write a novel as a ‘pantser’ without an outline, it is going to be wildly complex to finish. I’m not near enough to The End to proclaim the first draft is done. I expect my finished product will probably balloon out to 120,000 words, then get trimmed, fixed and fashioned into a decent 100,000. It’s a lighter urban fantasy novel, too so I don’t think it requires “doorstop” size.

Plus, I got in a lovely walk today on Jericho before it rained. The trees are gorgeous now.

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