October 21, 2019 Publication Rumour

Really pleased to hear that one of my stories, accepted by a small magazine some months back is nigh on published! Still not certain exactly when the story will come out, but really pleased! It’s hard for the publishers of small magazines and anthologies. They do this work really for love and ego-boo not financial gain, so kudos to them. I truly appreciate each and every one of them.

Plus, for the individual writer, in this career, small pieces of good news can be very important. Writers don’t always get all the accolades all the time.

Creative Input this week:

While I’m doing my exceptionally busy day job gig, I’m going to think of ideas for the chapters-in-progress. Today I read some of the work and planned a couple of things I need to get in before I typing “The End” of draft one.

Roses and red leaves Kitsilano

Also, I have a substack account now, too. It’s a new thing for me, to experiment with mailing lists and probably more for my mini-publisher enterprise than my own work, but we’ll see. Click the link below to see it and subscribe.


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