DEAL at Banff

We signed up today for the lottery to get some great Buyers and Production Partners Meetings at the Banff World Media Festival via their #BANFFXchange platform. Put up the new graphic that Jessica did for DEAL our 2nd #project at #Banff2021. She is working as my PA on the Banff project this year. We’ll pitch my scripts: “Lights, Camera, Paranormal Action!” and “Deal”. #BanffMedia

Banff is also about learning and there are many interesting webinars available that we have signed up for.

DEAL at Banff

Jessica Fraser Short Films at Standalone Film Festival!

Jessica Fraser short films

Jessica Fraser has films selected for inclusion in the Standalone Film Festival 2021 Los Angeles. They are NOW streaming on and you can vote for her films there! This online festival takes place from Feb 2021 to 31st March 2021. It offers different levels of ticket prices, from $2 to $12.99 USD. There are 500 films in this festival! Enjoy!

You can by your SFFA streaming ticket to watch all the films at this link:

NOTE: We are moving our filmmaker content for Jessica Fraser to a new website soon! More details as that develops. So much is going on in her professional life that she needs her own wordpress site to cover all the showings of Jessica Fraser short films!

Jessica’s Films “Still” + “Seashells” in Bright Ideas Film Festival Dec 2020

We’re so EXCITED here because Jessica Fraser’s films “Still” and “Seashells” were part of the Bright Ideas Film Festival! You can now view these two short films on Vimeo for a limited time. You can vote for your favorites of the festival!
They’re rerunning most of the festival this week! Runs from now to Dec 26th, 2020 8 p.m. Pacific.

still – by Jessica fraser

Still” is Jessica’s stop-motion skateboarding film. She did all of this by herself including music, special effects, direction and writing. Personally, I love what she did with the titles.

“Still” is at 8 minutes & 13 seconds –>

Bright Ideas Film Festival 2020 – Screening 2, Part 2

seashells – by jessica fraser

“Seashells” is Jessica’s West Coast film about friendship. Again, she did it all except act one of the parts! This is a beautiful film.

“Seashells” is at 17 minutes & 30 seconds –>

Bright Ideas Film Festival 2020 – Screening 3, Part 1


BIFF- Audience Choice Vote- Screening 2 – Post Festival

BIFF- Audience Choice Vote- Screening 3 – Post Festival  

Bright Ideas Film Festival was tremendous! Full of young eager filmmakers and their pieces! We watched it Saturday and were very impressed.

Fungi Film Festival – Nurse Log

Nurse Log by Jessica Fraser

To be exhibited in the online Fungi Film Festival October 2020.


#FFF screening: October 23 Jessica’s interview on #NurseLog is tonight!

FFF – More screenings: October 23, 24, 28, 30 2020.

Times vary #filmmakers #fantastic Get your tickets at .

Times and dates vary due to worldwide #filmmakers.

I viewed two nights: #1 was plagued by streaming problems but #2 was #fantastic so get your tickets at

Jessica’s #interview was moved to this time because it was cancelled due to night #1 streaming service errors.


See the trailer at: Fungi Film Festival

#film #shortfilm #filmmaking #fantastic

The Fungi Film Festival premieres during the peak of mushroom season in the Pacific North West and streams live:

  • Friday, October 16 – 7PM PST (this night provides the audience with the special chance to vote for the winner of the FFF’s Audience Choice Award)
  • Saturday, October 17 – 8PM PST
  • Friday, October 23 – 6PM PST
  • Saturday, October 24 – 10AM PST
  • Wednesday, October 28 – 10AM PST
  • Friday, October 30 – 6PM PST

All screenings contain the same 30+ films (3.5 hours), but each screening date will host a different filmmaker for a live audience Q&A session.

… Jessica’s is called: Nurse Log!